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Note: The PEMF is not a medical device. Only your doctor can recommend specific PEMF benefits for you. Do not use if you are pregnant or have a pace maker.  CBW makes no claims as to the specific benefits of its PEMF use for individual users.

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This technology has shown amazing results.

This non-invasive way to treat people is the obvious wave of the future! Join us, you will be amazed and glad you did.


We market our devises through a network of Independent Distributors. To inquire about pricing, please fill out the form to the right.


For our customers that need to secure financing, we make available a financial institution to assist them. Click Here for an unsecure credit line.

About Us

We are network of global distributors of non-invasive, electro-therapeutic technologies committed to providing state of the art PEMF devices proven to enrich the quality of life and health of our clients. All products are backed by a three (3) year warranty from the date of original purchase. In the event of a malfunction during the warranty period, we will repair the product to its original operating condition or replace it.

Please contact us to answer any questions you may have.

Mission Statement:

We are committed to providing electro-magnetic field technologies proven to enrich the quality of life and health of our clients. We're good people doing good things--please tell your friends about us!

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