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Note: The PEMF is not a medical device. Only your doctor can recommend specific PEMF benefits for you. Do not use if you are pregnant or have a pace maker.  CBW makes no claims as to the specific benefits of its PEMF use for individual users.

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Pulse events tend to make items resonate at their own frequency.  Think about ringing a bell - you hit the bell and it rings.  The hit is the pulse, and the ringing that happens - is at the frequency defined by the bell.  So if you graph a ring - there's the hit - and then the ring.   The frequency of the ring comes from the entity that received the energy.

Pulsed Magnetic Devices - make cells ring at their own frequency.  Cells are like bells.

Watch the video above and learn more.

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We only market Ringer Devices

A Pulse is a discrete event, like a blast - triggered from a sudden release of energy.

Below is what a ringer pulsed waveform tends to look like.  Note that this is a single event.  The ups-and-downs are echoes that happen when energy bounces around the antenna before it leaves.