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Magnetic Therapy  

Dr. William Pawluk, MD, MSc, Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins Medical School, has begun to educate both
physicians and individuals about pulsating electromagnetic fields as a treatment option. Dr. Pawluk is considered a
leading national authority on the clinical application of both static and pulsed electromagnetic fields in the United States.

Dr. Pawluk is also working to establish an evidence-based standard for use in education about pulsating
electromagnetic fields in complementary treatment. The purpose is to introduce this new healing concept
into the United States. The beneficial applications of pulsating electromagnetic fields as a promising health
solution is based on over 30 years of research out of Europe.

Dr. Pawluk has co-authored, with Jiri Jerabek, MD, PhD, Magnetic Therapy in Eastern Europe: A Review of
30 Years of Research. This book contains extensive medical information and detail on the scientific basis of
magnetic therapy. It is appropriate for professionals and those with serious interest in the subject of magnetic therapy.

Details about application of static or pulsed electromagnetic fields are found here, as derived from actual research studies, and are useful for anyone planning to use magnetics for care. There is no current source with as much practical research-based medical evidence.

The information presented is based on extensive research done over 30 years in Eastern Europe. Magnetic therapy has been practiced widely in Germany, Russia, the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, and other countries. There is an NIH-type Institute specifically for magnetics located in the Czech Republic.

This information will save clinicians interested in using this very safe treatment modality much time looking for research-based data on the clinical application of magnetic fields in humans.
Synopsis of the Magnetic Therapy Book

The book presents information summarizing conditions studied, magnetic field strength and type of field used, frequency and duration ofh application and summary of actual results. There are detailed descriptions of many studies on both static (permanent) and frequency (pulsed) fields.

Clinical practitioners are increasingly approached by the public about complementary medicine, including the use of magnets for personal care. Since there is little scientifically sound information in the traditional English language medical literature to guide clinicians' advice, our book serves to bridge that gap.

Summaries of the clinical protocols studied are presented which can guide clinical application. Tables are layed out showing the condition/parameter studied, type of field used, magnetic field strength applied, duration and frequency of treatments and results of treatment. This last will help guide clinicians on what to expect subjectively and objectively, that is, physiologically from use of the magnetic fields.

In the last two chapters there are summaries of explanations of how and what magnetic fields do physiologically. Most other books written to date are basic science or personal opinion. This is one of the first books to summarize true medical research. Some people doubt the validity of possible magnetic field actions on the body. Here described are examples from 30 years of actual clinical experience. More and more research is being done in the "West" that will duplicate these results. Both authors have academic credentials and they have used magnetics clinically for at least 20 years between them and have first hand experience with many of the actions found here.

Controlled human studies described include:

Atherosclerosis - Brain neurosecretion - Breast fissures - Burns - Carpal tunnel syndrome - Cervicitis - Chronic bronchitis - Controlled Studies - Edema - Endometriosis - Endometritis - Femoral artery surgery - Fractures - Increased circulation - Infected skin wounds - Ischemic heart disease - Limb grafts - Liver function - Polyneuritis - Post-ischemic injury - Post-partum problems - Pre- and post- operative healing - Reduced clotting

There are also uncontrolled studies describing many more conditions where benefits have been found. We are taking part in the emergence of a great new era of magnetic and bioelectric or resonance medicine - alongside chemical medicine.

"A book which summarizes the Eastern European literature on magnetism and health is a necessity for the advancement of research and practice in this developing field. I applaud Dr. Jerabek's and Pawluk's work, for finding the stones and paving the path."

L. Cocchiarella, MD, MSc
American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine -
Complementary Medicine Section Chair

"An excellent contribution to the information base on magnetic therapy. Filled with difficult-to-locate information from the Eastern European countries where much of the early research on magnets was conducted, this book is a 'must-read' resource for anyone interested in the application of magnetic therapy in the healthcare field. Quite simply a fine and timely book for those of us conducting research in complementary therapies."

Ann Gill Taylor, MS, EdD
Director, Center for the Study of Complementary and Alternative Therapies, University of Virginia, Charlottesville; NIH OAM Center Grant Winner; conducting studies on static magnetic fields

"Summarized the exciting results of 343 studies done on magnetic therapy in Eastern Europe. The results ... cited were truly impressive, covering an amazing range of conditions also summarized the major magnetic effects: vasodilatation, analgesia, anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic, antiedema (swelling), and healing acceleration."

Ron Lawrence, MD, PhD & Paul Rosch, MD
from their book "Magnet Therapy: the Pain Cure Alternative -
A Scientifically Proven Method That Really Works!"

Table Of Contents


Magnetic field, physical characteristics
Interaction mechanisms
Devices used

Internal Medicine Studies

Peripheral vascular diseases
Heart disease and hypertension
Lung diseases
Gastrointestinal diseases
Neurological diseases
Rheumatic diseases

Surgical Studies

Oral Medicine

Experimental Studies

Studies in healthy persons and patients regarding mechanisms of action
Animal experiments coherent with clinical applications
Animal experiments oriented to biochemistry
Immunity and experimental infectious diseases
Reproductive function and embryo development
Combined effects of ionising radiation and magnetic fields
Experimental tumours
In vitro experiments
Interactions with drugs

Summary of Magnetic Field Effects

Summary of static field effects
Summary, recommendations
Contraindications and precautions
General rules for application of magnetic fields and conclusion

We summarize the data from over 340 studies

Human and animal
Clinical and experimental
Controlled and uncontrolled
Frequency magnetic fields (sinusoidal and pulsed) and
Static (permanent and DC electromagnetic) fields

Studies include

Basic science
Medical specialties
Surgical specialties